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Nicola helps business owners keep their cogs running smoothly with business advice and support.

Growing Small Business

Growing Small Business

You know you need more staff but you don't know where to start? Nicola can help implement employment systems and help you avoid the HR pitfalls.

Key Person

Key Person

Nicola can provide you with temporary help and be your key person. There is no need for your business to suffer due to holiday or sickness leave.



No matter what size your company, Nicola can assess your needs, help you set goals and help you achieve them.

About Nicola

One person but many hats!

Nicola possesses a diverse range of skills and expertise in communication (with customers, staff and suppliers) and common sense.

She is able to identify needs and deal with issues as they arise.

Nicola is excellent at time management, multi-tasking and being able to fit into any existing team or work under her own initiative.

With her wealth of experience in Businesses, it is likely that Nicola has been in your shoes and facing the same issues first hand, therefore she is passionate about helping you avoid the pitfalls she has already experienced.

From temporary to more permanent and everything in between.

My case studies

I put 25 years worth of experience into every project. These are just a few examples:

Growing Business – Bellingham IT

Growing Business – Bellingham IT

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I gave them the flexibility and experience they needed and the peace of mind knowing they were only paying for the time it took (which could vary week to week), with no Employment issues arising.

Payroll – Rimake Ltd

Payroll – Rimake Ltd

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Having been left in the lurch I met with the Directors to assess their needs & started immediately.

Credit Control – Six Design

Credit Control – Six Design

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Cash flow is key & often neglected by business owners due to the lack of time they have available. Having been contacted by the Director after a referral, I significantly reduced his aged debtor book & improved cash flow.

Admin – Stockrail International

Admin – Stockrail International

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I went along to see them, they were in a bit of a pickle. The lady had a system in place but it was in her head and Admin was not the Directors thing – I started there & then.


  • My name is Heather Jones and I am a Director of Lamont Jones Limited a HR outsource provider. I have known and worked with Nicola for over 10 years. She is diligent, accurate, honest and reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending her administrative and bookkeeping skills to any business of any size.

    Heather Jones
  • I have known Nicola for a number of years and worked closely with her on the installation of her payroll system to manage both the hourly and salary paid staff at her offices in Ossett. Nicola is methodical and very competent and has fully embraced the payroll system and the database application that controls deliveries and invoicing. I would highly recommend her for all office administration and book keeping functions as she is well versed in all aspects of the accounting procedures required for the smooth running of any small to medium sized business. Nicola is very personable and completely trustworthy and I feel would fit seamlessly into any office environment.

    Soft Options Soft Options
  • Methodical and organised. Good at managing staff. Nicola understands the challenges of running your own business and are well placed to assist and advise her clients. I would say that Nicola is committed to what ever she decides to do and has a wealth of experience that will be invaluable to her clients.

    Jean Hope Jean Hope
  • I would like to thank you for helping us out in our time of need. We had unforeseen circumstances when our accounts lady fell ill with a serious problem that meant that she would be off work for a few weeks. As I am not familiar in the operations of sage, we would have been a little stuck. We could have made payments etc. but we would have had to go back to a paperwork accounting format! Anyway we asked you to come in and help us out and you were so helpful. You not only managed to keep our sage and payroll going and up to date but you also looked after all our payments, petty cash and receipts just working 1 day a week. Thank you very much for this service I would have no hesitation at all in calling you to help out again if we should ever need your help in the future.  

    Stockrail International Tony Howarth
  • Nicola is methodical and organised, good at managing staff. She understands the challenges of running your own business and are well placed to assist and advise your clients. Nicola is committed to what ever she decides to do and have a wealth of experience that will be invaluable to your clients.

    Bank Manager prior to selling business
  • During Nicola's time with the company she has streamlined the office, which has saved both time & money. We have found her knowledge of the Banking & Insurance industry invaluable. She is both hard working and reliable, her ability to multi-task and work under pressure especially during our busy periods is commendable.

    Eric Richmond & Sons Ltd
  • I met Nicola at a crucial stage in the development of my graphic design business. At that point, cash flow was a serious issue and late invoice payments the cause. After a glowing reference from a very reliable source, Neil Jaggar, I met with Nicola to discuss my situation. Shortly after our meeting and with very little brief, Nicola began to contact my client list, very subtly introducing herself as the new Credit Controller of Six Design & Digital, explaining her function with the company and that should payments fall behind she would be in contact with them to discuss the timescales in which the company would receive them. From that point on my aged debtor book has been significantly reduced and my cash flow is improving every day. I can’t recommend Nicola highly enough for her professionalism and regular, precise communication. Thank you Nicola, I hope to work with you for many years to come.        

    Six Designs Simon Glenn - Director
  • Nicola started doing the wages for our company in April this year.  In addition to the Payroll she helps with & submits our VAT.  She is always there to help us with any other aspects of our business.  We have been very happy with what she has done for us especially as she was 'thrown in at the deep end'.

    Rimake Ltd K Lambert - Director

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